Friday, March 24, 2017

Count down

Well heading into the last 3 weeks of the semester.    Kind of stressful.  Especially today I need to be studying but I'm just feeling pretty down and can't concentrate.   So I am just going to lay here for a bit get my mind together and then get back at it.  

Since I am an IMG i have to register with the ECFMG to take the step 1 and pay for it.  Besides making a big dent in my very anorexic bank account it was very exciting and scary.   So close to the next step of this journey but there are still things to get done before that. 

Pass the semester 
Pass COMP (NBME exam) we have to pass before our school lets us take the step.   We get 2 weeks after the final to study for it.   
And then after that take step 1 and get a decent score so I can apply to the residency of choice.  

And after that it's moving to Florida for 6 weeks and then off to who knows where for the next 2 years...    

Like I said exciting but scary.  But I'm lucky to have this opportinity and I don't want to mess it up.  

The rest of life has been moderate.  I have neglected gym time for study and a few extra minutes of sleep or doing nothing.   I kind of don't have the capacity to care about that anymore even though I know it's important.     At this time I have to pick my battles.  

My little one is doing well. Actually not very little she will be 15 in a few days.   I love that she is doing so well without me but then it's kind of like she is doing just fine without me. 😕.  

Anywho.   If anyone happens to read this I hope you have a good day. 😊

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  1. You go girl! I have been following you for quite some time. It makes me so happy to see another mom doing what I want to do. You give me so much motivation! Thank you! You totally got this!!!